Game Review: Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) developed by S2 Games. S2 Games is known for making the Savage series of games, a hybrid of strategy and third-person play. While HoN is a strategy game, it does not incorporate the third-person play that S2’s other games included. HoN was one of the first MOBAs on the market, being released May 12th, 2010. It was released over 6 months after another highly popular MOBA called League of Legends (LoL). LoL, in this reviewer’s opinion, is a much better game than HoN can ever aspire to for many reasons, most of which I will be covering in this article. As for LoL itself, it will be covered in another article.

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HoN is not a free game. It does require you to buy it to play, which strays away most players from playing it. While the price point is small in comparison to larger video games, the fact that there is a price is unsettling. However, whatever the case may be, the game, in this reviewer’s opinion, is not worth the price. It feels too light on content to constitute it being the price that it is. All the game is, is a game lobby, and a game with a few maps. While there may be a large amount of playable heroes, none of them make up for the fact that this is a very small game.

Speaking of heroes, let’s cover them. To start off however, we must cover some core game mechanics. There are two bases in a map, each base, at a set interval, will spit out troops to attack the other base. These troops on their own cannot win the game themselves, this is where the Heroes come in. Each side has a set amount of Heroes for players to choose from, and they are broken up into three different categories. “Strength” for mostly melee heroes who rely on brute force to overtake their enemies. “Agility” which are made up of an assortment of both melee and ranged heroes, and they rely on speed to overtake their enemies. Finally, “Intelligence” which are mostly ranged, and they rely on spells to overtake their enemies. Each category is unique, and within each category for each side is a unique hero. Most of said heroes are based off of the original ones in Defense of the Ancients a popular Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne custom map. As of the latest patch the Legion side (the good-looking side, with a green color scheme) has 36 heroes to choose from, whereas the Hellbourne (the evil-looking side, with a red color scheme) has 37 heroes to choose from. This was my first hurdle to overcome. As a new player you are presented with a total of 73 heroes to choose from, and with little to no time choose one, I basically just chose the coolest looking one and hoped for the best.

The following is a recap of what happened my first game ever. The second I chose my first hero ever (which so happened to be The Forsaken Archer), I was immediately bombarded by the other players with questions and remarks that I had no idea how to respond to. “What items are you getting, Paragot?” “I hope you don’t suck, Paragot.” and “I hope you know how to play tfa, Paragot.” all of which I didn’t know what to say to. The game started and I realized that I didn’t like it already. The way the camera looked, how darked everything was. How hard it was to see simple things. How confusing the shop was, among other things. So I did what I normally do in all AoS (the real name, DotA is a misnomer), and went top. Immediately I hear someone say “Forsaken Archer top? He must be stupid” and I ignored it. I don’t listen to people who insult me, sorry. As the game progressed it got worse and worse. This was my first ever game and eventually went the game 2 and 22 (that’s 2 kills and 22 deaths, which is terrible). The whole time I’m being yelled at by my team with racial slurs and bad language… and here in lies the problem with the game, the community. This game also has no learning curve, you have to had been a pro at DotA for Warcraft III or not. You can’t be like me, a strong advocate against DotA and come and play this game. On top of that, if you do one thing wrong, you are immediately made an example of by the community. I really don’t understand how this game survives with such an aggressive community. How do they get any new players? It puzzles me deeply.

However, to wrap it up, HoN is a great idea with a terrible execution. It ushered in too many of the annoying kids from DotA and didn’t do anything to help them improve on their attitude, to the point where it drove away customers like me. I will admit it here, I purchased this game and have played less-than five games since I bought it. This game is not worth it, and I suggest any reader to look elsewere for their MOBA needs. League of Legends is a great alternative. In the coming months more new and exciting MOBAs are coming out, and they will hopefully overshadow HoN and leave it in the dust with DotA.

The final verdict on this game is: pass, and advocate.

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