City of Heroes to go Free-to-Play

City of Heroes developed previously by Cryptic studios and NCSoft, and now by NCSoft and Paragon studios is going free-to-play. The game is going to be called “City of Heroes: Freedom” and it will include the game’s over 20 “expansions”. They are allowing you still reach level 50 with any Hero or Villain, however you can pay a subscription fee to garner addition “VIP benefits, content and services”

Sounds like a good plan to me. So many MMOs are going free-to-play these days that it would be a good idea for one as great as CoH to go free-to-play. I’m actually really looking forward to play again, as I have been considering reactivating my account in past few weeks.

Players still paying for a monthly subscription now (or by July 1st) will receive 400 Paragon points a month for which they can use to buy things in a mincrotransaction store. They will be given the points every month until Freedom launches, at which point they are allowed to use them to purchase anything in the Paragon store.

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